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Transfer Switch Flexible Operation, Safe And Reliable
Nov 03, 2017

Transfer Switch are mainly applicable to AC 50Hz, rated operating voltage of 380V and below, DC pressure 220V and below, rated current to 160A of the electrical circuit,. Switching switches are mainly used in the conversion of various control lines, voltage meters, ammeter commutation measurement control, distribution device line conversion and remote control. Switching switches can also be used to directly control the start, speed and commutation of small-capacity motors.

Switching switches derived products have padlock-type switches and lock-type switches (63A and below), can be used as important equipment of the power off switch, to prevent misoperation and control of unauthorized operation of personnel.

Switching switch has small size, many functions, compact structure, exquisite material selection, good insulation, flexible conversion operation, safe and reliable.

The switching switch is a multiple-loop control apparatus, which is made up of the same structure of the contact component. It consists of operating mechanism, positioning device, contact point, touch system, hinge, handle and other components.

Contact is in the insulating base, for the double breakpoint contact bridge structure, the dynamic contact point is designed to automatically adjust to ensure the synchronization of the break, the static contact point in the contact seat. Use the cam and bracket to control the closure and disconnection of the contact point.

is to use the handle to drive the hinge and cam to push or disconnect. Because the shape of the cam is different, when the handle is in different position,Transfer Switch the contact powder and the condition are different, thus achieves the conversion circuit the goal.

Commonly used products have LW5 and LW6 series. The LW5 series can control 5.5kW and below the small capacity motor; LW6 series can only control 2.2kW and the following small-capacity motor. For reversible operation control, the reverse start is only allowed when the motor is parked. LW5 Series switching switches can be divided into two types: self-duplex and self-positioned. The so-called self-duplex refers to the hand when the handle to a certain stall,Transfer Switch when the hand is released, the handle automatically return to the original position; The positioning type is that when the handle is placed in a stall, it cannot automatically return to its original position and stop at the stall. Figure 2: Instructions for the use of a LW5 universal switching switch

The handle position of the switching switch is expressed in terms of angle. The handle of different types of switching switches has different touch points of the universal switching switch, and the graphical symbols in the circuit diagram are shown in Fig.

1, ambient air temperature does not exceed +40°c, and the average temperature within 24 hours does not exceed 35°c.

2, ambient air temperature limit is not more than -5°c.

3, the highest temperature +40°c, air relative humidity is not more than 50%, at low temperature can allow higher relative humidity, such as 20°c up to 90%. The occasional condensation of temperature changes should take special measures.

4, the surrounding environment should be clean air, no flammable and combustible dangerous materials, not enough to damage the insulation and metal gas, no conductive dust.