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Miniature Circuit Breaker Small Size, Easy To Install, Easy To Operate, Durable
Oct 25, 2017

The miniature circuit breaker (abbreviated as MCB) is also a circuit breaker product with a wide range of use and quantity, and the main function is to provide protection for electrical terminal distribution devices of construction. Because both belong to the circuit breaker, and plastic shell circuit breaker is used for small capacity of the on-off, so understand the difference between the two, choose the right product is very realistic and important. Here's a simple explanation.

The reliability test device of miniature circuit breaker mainly consists of four parts: test control Cabinet, test cabinet, large current test cabinet and load circuit board. The test cabinet consists of industrial control computer, control card and data acquisition card, which is mainly responsible for all the microcomputer control and detection in the process of the test.

A miniature circuit breaker, also known as a wire protection switch, is used as a low-voltage circuit breaker to protect wires, cables and control lighting. It is compact in structure, the basic form is the width under 20mm monolithic unipolar product, will two or more than two single pole products assemble together, may constitute two,circuit breaker. Micro-circuit breaker has thermal and electromagnetic tripping, so it has overload and short-circuit protection function, widely used in high-rise buildings and civilian areas. Because of its good technical performance, small size, easy to install, easy to operate, durable and cheap and so on the characteristics of increasingly popular. C45N series, such as miniature circuit breaker have already entered the household, instead of the past commonly used plastic cover type knife switch (below)

Due to its small size and convenient operation, the rated short-circuit current capacity can reach above 3000~6000a, and it has the advantages of fast action, fast arc quenching and current limiting, and shows the technical superiority as a small power control switch.

In modern life, circuit breaker is a pivotal circuit device, and is one of the most important safety devices in commercial and home circuits. Once the current flow in the house wiring is too large, this simple circuit device will cut off the power supply until the fault is eliminated. Since the reform and opening up, China's household appliances industry has developed rapidly, increasing production and variety, and has greatly met and enriched the vast consumer demand. The circuit breaker has been widely used in low-voltage power distribution system at all levels of feed line, a variety of mechanical equipment, power control and terminal control and protection in the side everywhere visible. With the development of the needs of various industries, circuit breaker in the process of being used, because users do not understand the technical parameters, resulting in the use of electrical appliances should not be due to power outages or the unnecessary disconnection of electrical equipment, reducing the reliability of power supply, resulting in a certain economic losses.

As a kind of miniature circuit breaker not only can connect and break the normal load current and overload current, but also can connect and break short-circuit current. Although there are many kinds of circuit breakers, the basic structure and working principle are basically the same. The driving force of the disconnect contact is very important when the double metal plate is used as a circuit breaker with overload current. When the overload current occurs in the circuit, when the bimetal sheet heats up to a certain degree, it will push the traction lever, causing the transmission of the operating mechanism and the contact head to disconnect. When the short circuit instantaneous current, the current reaches the rated current dozens of times times, then the circuit breaker electromagnetic tripping device will move quickly, pushing the traction rod, causing the operation mechanism of the transmission, contact disconnect. In the life of the small circuit breaker to take off, basically rely on the bimetal sheet heating bending to promote the circuit breaker off.