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Circuit Breaker The Equipment Has Short Circuit Protection Function
Nov 03, 2017

The circuit breaker has a long history, the earliest is 1885, when the technology is still very imperfect, until now we see new products, it added a lot of features, convenient for everyone to use. So what are the main features of a circuit breaker? Let me tell you about it.

Rated limit short-circuit breaking capacity in ICU, and the parameters in which not only consider its breaking capacity, but after it breaks several times, still can let the device normal work, play a very good maintenance role. If it is plastic shell type, the ICU is enough, can break short-circuit switch trip, as long as is greater than 25%ICU, that even if it is reasonable. In today's market, ICS are mostly between ($number) ICU.

Limit-current breaking capacity is also one of the characteristics, that is, the ability to limit the fault current. In the case of short circuit in the device, the contact can be quickly opened with the resulting arc, just as in the line to increase the arc resistance quickly, so that the fault of the increase in the formation of obstruction. The less time it breaks down, the better the effect will be, and it can also reduce the electromagnetic effects of short-circuit and other hazards. The electric effect and the thermal effect have no bad effect on the device, instead it can prolong the life of the circuit breaker.

Characteristics of short-circuit protection, involving voltage and current is more dangerous, so the relevant equipment has a short-circuit protection, protection of our personal safety. Should note that after the load changes, to adjust the parameters of the original year, so as to prevent frequent trips to affect the quality of electricity, with convenience, no worries. If you set the value too large, also have no good effect, will let the device do not have the original protection.

Overload delay protection, which means that the device will burn out after the range is over, and this feature just protects it and can quickly cut off the power within the specified time. Overload words need constant accumulation, and its protection is not very rapid.

Isolation function, that is, isolating current and people, reducing the harm of personal. If the number of short-circuit tripping, the performance of the switch will be reduced, it brings the leakage of electricity is also greatly increased. The human body's safe current is 30mA and below, cannot exceed otherwise will have the danger. If it is in a bad environment, if the leak exceeds 300mA and lasts two hours, then the insulation will be damaged, then short-circuit, then fire, is very dangerous.

If the circuit breaker occurs, then we contact a certain strong current, the danger will increase, so it also has a characteristic is the leakage protection. The leaking electrical appliance can reliably disconnect the grounding fault and effectively cut off.