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Circuit Breaker Ensure The Entire Stable Operation
Oct 25, 2017

The circuit breaker wiring method has the front plate, the board, the inserting type, the drawer type, the user without the special request, all presses the front board to supply, the front-panel wiring is the common wiring way.Circuit breaker failure protection refers to the relay protection action of the fault electrical equipment to issue the tripping command and when the circuit breaker refuses to move, using the information of the protective action of the fault equipment and the current information of the Reject circuit breaker to determine the failure of the circuit breaker, it is possible to cut off the other relevant circuit breaker in the same factory station with a shorter time limit, so that the range of the power outage is limited to the minimum. So as to ensure the stable operation of the whole power grid, to avoid causing serious damage of generator and transformer and collapse of power grid.

The circuit breaker consists of 3 basic parts, namely, contact, arc extinguishing system and various kinds of tripping device, including over-current tripping, voltage loss (Undervoltage) tripping device, hot-tripping device, shunt-tripping device and free tripping device.

As shown in the figure is the circuit breaker working schematic diagram and graphical symbols. The breaker switch is operated manually or electrically by the operating mechanism, and after the contact is closed, the free tripping mechanism locks the contact head in the closing position. When the circuit occurs above the fault, through the respective tripping device to enable free tripping mechanism action, automatic trip to achieve the protection role. The shunt-tripping device is used as a long-distance control circuit.

Over current tripping device is used for short-circuit and overcurrent protection of the line, when the current of the line is greater than the current value, the electromagnetic force produced by the overcurrent tripping device makes the hook tripping, and the dynamic contact point is quickly disconnected under the spring tension to realize the tripping function of the short-circuit device.

Breaker tripping, some people find it troublesome, but I advise you not to think so, because every trip to the circuit breaker means saving the life of an electrical appliance or the life of a user. If the occasional trip, may be a circuit breaker misoperation or environmental impact, but if frequent tripping, you have to pay attention to. After all, we can't put 

our lives on a circuit breaker.Circuit breaker trip, no more than the following five reasons, combined with the actual situation judgment, you can understand, find, solve the failure. Note: When overhauling the circuit, be sure to ensure that the previous level circuit  breaker is in a disconnected state Overload protection is a basic function of a circuit breaker, which has the function of any circuit breaker. Overload protection, refers to the current in the circuit, exceeding the number of circuit breaker predetermined. For example, the circuit breaker has a predetermined value of 16A, and the actual current in the circuit is 17A, and then the circuit breaker will automatically trip.Circuit breaker power cut-off and transmission is a very strict operating system and standard requirements, electrical safety is a part of the operation and management of electricity, is very important. Feed transmission is to be strict inspection, carefully confirm that the accident has been really excluded, in the condition of the closing conditions are safe, in 

accordance with the requirements of the closing specifications and operating procedures for transmission and closing. Power outages also have strict requirements and operating system, not the editor said that arbitrary. All the electric Fox flashover occurs when the switch is off, because the operator is careless or the security check is not in place. Moreover, the operator is a work ticket system, is not to replace and arbitrarily assign others, is not irresponsible, such as an accident, the responsible person is not exempt.

Pull off the arc is caused by the greater the load, the stronger the arc, the instantaneous cause of the strong arc or detonation is due to the load too large, pull the switch moment gap current puncture air injection of a strong arc. In the case of three-level electric box, the first level of pull closing, theoretically safe operation from the three-level to pull the load, and then pull the two level, and finally pull a level. Because at this time the first electric box may have a number of two-class electric box and three-level electric box, with multiple loads, the current is very large. Low-voltage electrician working conditions in particular, such as the factory three-compartment electric machine load high-power, must pay attention to add care.