Residual Current Devices Three Pole Rccb Circuit Breaker

Residual Current Devices Three Pole Rccb Circuit Breaker
The easy operation residual current device id earth leakage breakers also has high quality and reliable performance. We can assure you that our residual current device id earth leakage breakers is powered by clean energy and has high efficiency.
Product Details

Residual Current Device ID Earth Leakage Breakers
EBS9RN residual current circuit breaker is well matched with our EBS9 series Miniature circuit breaker.

●Provides protection against earth fault/leakage current and unction of isolation

●High short-circuit current withstand capacity

●Application to terminal and Pin/U type busbar connection

●ON/OFF display function of contact position

●Fire resistant plastic parts endures abnormal heating and strong impact

●Automatically disconnect the circuit when earth fault/leakage current occurs and exceeds the rated sensitivity.

Technical Parameter

Model name





2P, 4P

Rated current In(A)

25, 32, 40, 63, 80, 100A

Rated voltage Un(V)

230/400V AC 50/60Hz

Rated residual operating current l△n (mA)

30, 100, 300

Action time

Instantaneous type≤0.1s

Protection grade


Ambient temperature



Installed on 35mm DIN rail

Applicable Working and bus bar connection

Ambient temperature

-5~+40℃, the average value cannot exceed to +35℃ within 24h



Relative humidity


Pollution level


Installation location

Mount on the place where has no obvious vibration or impact

Company profile

As an aggressive and credible manufacturer in the low voltage electrics industry, Ebasee Electric export products and provide cost-effective solutions to many countries. 

We have 4 semi-auto production lines, up to date quality control facilites, and well-trained skillful workers. Moreover, with a technical R&D team and fully equipped in-house laboratory, Ebasee factory can carry out efficient new products developing and daily production QC as well.

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