Residual Current Circuit Breakers

Residual Current Circuit Breakers
The easy operation residual current circuit breakers also has high quality and reliable performance. We can assure you that our residual current circuit breakers is powered by clean energy and has high efficiency.
Product Details

Residual Current Circuit Breakers
The Tele REC relays automatically reclose the RCCB after on earth leakage or a manual disconnect. The relay will attempt to re-close 6 times with different time intervals between re-close attempts. After 6 unsuccessful attempts the Tele REC is locked. 

Main Features

1) Full awareness

The relay is also equipped with a volt free output to indicate the status of the protection (connected/disconnected)

2) Stable and secure

Strong clips to ensure a stable connection between the RCCB and the tele REC relay

3) One is all

Both 2 modules and 4 modules RCCB's can be connected to the reconnection relay Tele REC

Protect against person's indirect contacts

Reconnect RCCB after trip by transitory earth leakage

Maintain power against trips provoked by high frequency earth leakages

Maintain power against shock waves up to 3000A

Technical Parameter

Model name

Tele REC Reconnecting


IEC/EN 61008


2P, 4P

Product Function

Leakage protection, isolation function

Rated voltage Un(V)

230/400V AC 50/60Hz

Rated current (A)

≤25, ≤40, ≤63

Connection type

Tunnel style, Pin style, U style

Action style


Installation style

Standard 35mm guide

Im I△m (A)


Inc I△n (A)


Mechanical life (times)


Protection degree


As one of the trustworthy residual current circuit breakers manufacturers and suppliers in China, Ebasee Electric is dedicated to be a professional cleaner energy and efficient energy developer and supplier. With professional factory supplying you with OEM, SCHNEIDER, ABB and LS residual current circuit breakers, you can rest assured to wholesale quality products and check the pricelist with us.

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