CE Certificate Best Earth Leak Circuit Breaker China

CE Certificate Best Earth Leak Circuit Breaker China
The easy operation RCCB ID earth leakage breakers also has high quality and reliable performance. We can assure you that our RCCB ID earth leakage breakers is powered by clean energy and has high efficiency.
Product Details

RCCB ID Earth Leakage Breakers
This EBS2L Residual current circuit breaker is in conformity with the withstand of IEC 61008. The RCCB can cut off the fault circuit immediately on the occasion of shock hazard or earth leakage of trunk. It is suitable to avoid the shock hazard and fire caused by earth leakage. The RCCB is mainly suitable for use in varieties of plants and enterprises, building construction 1 phase 230V and 3 phase 400V 50/60Hz. RCCB is not suitable for use on DC pulse system. 

when people come across the electric shock or the leakage current of the electrical network exceeds the fixed value, this product can cut off the fault current in short period so as to protect person and the equipments, It also can be used in the infrequent starting of the circuit and motors. 

The circuit breaker is suitable to industry, commerce, high-rise building, household and other kinds of places.

This product meets the standard of IEC/EN61008-1.

Bilateral busbar wiring capabilities to adapt to the wider use of premises.

With functions of fault indicator.

Maximum connecting ability of 35mm2,wiring torque 3.5N *m, applicable to a variety of installing

equipments, wiring stronger.

Protection class:IP20

Technical Parameter

Model name





2P, 4P

Rated residual operating current (I△n) (mA)

10, 30, 100, 300, 500

Rated residual non-operating current (I△n) (mA)

≤0.5 I△n

Rated voltage (V)

AC 230/240V  DC 230/240V
AC 400/415V  DC 400/415V

Residual operating current scope

0.5 I△n~1 I△n

Residual current off-time


Short circuit capacity (lcu)


Endurance (time)


Protection range


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