Over Voltage Protection CE Certificate Over Voltage Protection Devices China

Over Voltage Protection CE Certificate Over Voltage Protection Devices China
The easy operation over voltage protection also has high quality and reliable performance. We can assure you that our over voltage protection is powered by clean energy and has high efficiency.
Product Details

Over Voltage Protection

This over and under voltage protector has reasonable design assembling imported components and domestic famous components, with advanced manufacturing process. It can cut off power supply quickly and reliably under the condition of high voltage surge and under-voltage, to protect household appliances.

Technical Parameter

Model type



Three phase

Rated current


Rated frequency


Under-voltage action cut off value(V)


Rated voltage AC(V)



●Line instant or transient overvoltage occurs, the protector dose not malfunction

●All the functions of automation, no need manual operations, select and use double lights indicator

●Shape modular design, rail mounting

Applicable Working

Ambient temperature

-5~+40℃, the average value cannot exceed to +35℃ within 24h


≤2000 m

Relative humidity


Pollution level


Installation location

Place free from erosion of rain and snow

As one of the trustworthy over voltage protection manufacturers and suppliers in China, Ebasee Electric is dedicated to be a professional cleaner energy and efficient energy developer and supplier. With professional factory supplying you with OEM, SCHNEIDER, ABB and LS over voltage protection, you can rest assured to wholesale quality products and check the pricelist with us.

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