Fuse Holder Fuse Base

Fuse Holder Fuse Base
The easy operation fuse holder fuse base also has high quality and reliable performance. We can assure you that our fuse holder fuse base is powered by clean energy and has high efficiency.
Product Details

Fuse Holder Fuse Base
This fuse series of fuse bases are used in AC 50Hz, rated voltage up to 690V ,rated current up to 1250A and is equipped with fuses for protecting from overload and short-circuit in electric circuit.

Technical Parameter

Model Name

NH fuse base



Rated current In(A)

160 250 400 630Amp

Rated voltage Un(V)


Frequency of coil

50Hz, 60Hz, 50/60Hz


aR aM


●The base adopts high strength ceramic and possesses well enough insulation performance.

●The open structure is featured with good heat radiating, high mechanical density and simple operation.

●The outline structure and installation dimension conform to IEC60269,VDE0636 and GB13539.

Applicable Working

Ambient temperature

-5~+40℃, the average value cannot exceed to +35℃ within 24h



Relative humidity


Pollution level


As one of the trustworthy fuse holder fuse base manufacturers and suppliers in China, Ebasee Electric is dedicated to be a professional cleaner energy and efficient energy developer and supplier. With professional factory supplying you with OEM, SCHNEIDER, ABB and LS fuse holder fuse base, you can rest assured to wholesale quality products and check the pricelist with us.

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