Air Break Switch China Air Circuit Breaker

Air Break Switch China Air Circuit Breaker
The easy operation ACB air blast circuit breakers also has high quality and reliable performance. We can assure you that our ACB air blast circuit breakers is powered by clean energy and has high efficiency.
Product Details

ACB Air Blast Circuit Breakers

EBS1W model universal type circuit breaker ACB applied to AC 50Hz, power conversion system rated insulation voltage 1000V, rated current 1000~6300A, has the dual-power supply system. When one fails to power, the automatic conversion between the guarantee the power supply reliability and security. The air circuit breaker ACB has fixed and drawer type.
Technical Parameter

Model type



IEC60947-1, IEC60947-2 and IEC60947-4-1


3P, 4P

Rated current In(A)

Up to 6300A

Rated insulation voltage Un(V)


Making time (ms)


Electrical life (times)


Mechanical life (times)


Breaking capacity


Rated Current of N-pole

100% In


●Compact structure

●High breaking capacity

●No arcing distance and high safety

●With complete and reliable intelligent protection functions

●Integration communication, compatible to many protocols

●Simple installation, horizontal or vertical connection for main circuit

●Many accessories are available

Applicable Working

Ambient temperature

-5~+40℃, the average value cannot exceed to +35℃ within 24h


≤2000 m

Relative humidity

less than 50% at 40℃, higher relative humidity is allowed at lower temperature.

Pollution level


Installation location

Mount on the place where has no obvious vibration or impact

Structure Characteristics:

1. The fixed type is installed within a special drawer to become a draw-out type breaker. Our circuit breaker consists of a contact system and arc-extinguishing system, operating mechanism, current transformer, intelligent controller and auxiliary switches, secondary plug and socket, under voltage and shunt releases. The draw-out type has a holder that is made up of right and left side plates, base, beams, etc.

2. Contact system

It adopts integrated contact system, including the main contact and arc contact. The contact is made of high quality material, which does not lead to high temperatures even when it is breaking short circuit current. The contact system is of parallel connection, which reduces the electrical-dynamic repulsion force and improves electric steadiness. The distance between the moving and static contact is much greater than 18mm as it is required. 

Note: “Trip” lock device for breaker is optional, the isolating switch is a necessary.

3. Arc-extinguishing chamber

Each pole has an arc-extinguishing chamber, which works to separate and isolate each electrode. The arc extinguishing chamber is enclosed within the insulating base of the intelligent air circuit breaker, which enforces the mechanical strength of arc extinguishing chamber wall and avoids breakage when it is breaking a large short circuit current.

4. Operating mechanism: manual and automatic mechanism

The operating mechanism is located at the front of the intelligent air circuit breaker. It adopts a five-link, trip free structure. It is available with energy storage. The breaker can be closed instantly. The stored energy can be released by a hand-operated button or closing electromagnet. The motor driven mechanism is integrated: consists of an energy storage shaft and main shaft which are connected with concave and convex parts. It is easy to assemble or disassemble.

5. Intelligent controller

6. Drawer holder

The drawer holder Consists of right and left guide rail side plates, base and cross arm. A boosting device and an indicator are fitted to the base. A static contact auxiliary circuit is installed at the top of the drawer holder. The bridge typemain circuit contacts are safety separated by a plate at the front.

7. Three positions of the breaker in the drawer

--\""ON” position: Both the main circuit and the auxiliary circuit are connected. The separation plate is open.

--\""Test” position: the main circuit is disconnected. The separation plate is closed. Only the auxiliary circuit is connected.   Tests can be made in this mode.

--\""OFF” position: both the main and the auxiliary circuits are disconnected. The safe separation plate is closed.

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EBS1W Universal Circuit Breaker Automatic Power Conversion Syatem.pdf

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